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GERMAN BLOCKED ACCOUNT: Foreign students in Germany can now open a blocked account online

GERMAN BLOCKED ACCOUNT: Foreign students in Germany can now open a blocked account online


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Easy, low-price access to your blocked account in Germany.

In addition to health insurance, all non-EU citizens who stay in Germany for a longer period due to studies, exchange programs, language courses or training often need to have a blocked account to get a visa. Through our website, they can now quickly and easily open a blocked account in Germany. 

In many countries that are not part of the Schengen agreement, such as Turkey, China, India or Russia, applicants who apply for a visa must prove that they can finance themselves while in Germany. The easiest way to do so is with a German blocked account. On average, applicants have to deposit EUR 720 for each month in Germany. When staying one year, the deposit therefore amounts to EUR 8,640. The account remains blocked until the applicant arrives in Germany. Following approval, a monthly amount of EUR 720 is available to the applicant.  

Approved by the Federal Foreign Office
The German Blocked Account (GBA) makes it easier to gain admission to study at a German university. It is approved by the Federal Foreign Office and fulfills all visa requirements. It only takes a few minutes to open an account online. The blocked account is also suitable for language studies, internships and stays in Germany due to other reasons. If applicants have a full scholarship or can provide a host family’s declaration of commitment, they are not required to have a blocked account.

Open your account quickly and easily online
It is very easy to open your German Blocked Account (GBA): Just enter the required information and upload your identity documents. After a maximum of 24 hours, you will receive confirmation that the account has been opened. You can now transfer the required sum to the blocked account. Internationally, it will then take 3-5 days until payment is received and the officially approved blocked account certificate for the visa can be sent.

Cooperation of DR-WALTER and X-Patrio
The registration fee for the GERMAN BLOCKED ACCOUNT is EUR 49.00, the monthly fee is EUR 5.00. The new online version of the blocked account is offered by DR-WALTER Auslandsversicherungen and Expatrio Global Services (X-patrio). As part of their cooperation, both partners contribute valuable experience in insuring students, interns and guest researchers as well as in providing relocation services. In addition to a blocked account, students need appropriate health insurance for their residence permit.

Proof of health insurance required
When registering at a German university, applicants must also provide proof of their insurance status. Until the age of 30 or until their 14th subject-related semester, all students are required to purchase compulsory health insurance. It is not possible to purchase compulsory health insurance prior to the start of studies. During preparation courses, internships, language courses or also after the end of studies, a private health insurance policy is therefore the perfect solution. This also applies for the journey to Germany as well as for holiday travel and stays in the applicants’ home countries. Important advice for students: When you have valid private health insurance coverage at the start of your studies, you cannot change to compulsory health insurance later on.

Private insurance coverage with EDUCARE24
DR-WALTER offers EDUCARE24 for private coverage of your stay in Germany. EDUCARE24 is a health insurance policy tailored to the needs of foreign students in Germany. You can purchase EDUCARE24 prior to entering Germany or until one month after entering the country, starting classes, studies, internships or teaching and research. You will receive the insurance certificate for your visa immediately when purchasing the policy online.

About X-patrio
The Expatrio Global Services GmbH (X-patrio) is Germany’s first digital relocation service. At their headquarters in Berlin, X-patrio combines technology and design with products and services necessary for students, expatriates and anyone moving to Germany. Since 2017, X-patrio offers an online solution for opening blocked accounts and purchasing health insurance policies.

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