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New comparison tool: Tailored insurance solutions for holiday travelers

New comparison tool: Tailored insurance solutions for holiday travelers


The tool provides information on the price and quality of insurance policies.

With our new comparison tool at, holiday travelers can compare the insurance solutions of all major insurance providers. Detailed product reviews by different experts help travelers to make a decision. You can sort the listed results according to your personal preferences, for example by lowest price or best rating.

Travel insurance solutions become more and more popular: Get comprehensive coverage for relaxed traveling! You can now find the best possible protection in case of withdrawal, cancellation, illness, accident, baggage and liability loss thanks to our new comparison tool at Travel insurance expert DR-WALTER developed, tested and launched the tool. Its key element is the quality comparison on the basis of product ratings. "DR-WALTER has always fought against the idea of focusing only on the lowest price when comparing travel insurance solutions", said Reinhard Bellinghausen, Managing Director. "It was therefore very clear for us that our new comparison tool should also be able to compare quality."

Wide variety of search options
When using the comparison tool, users can either use preset recommendations or filter the results according to their own preferences. Which policies do they want to include in their travel insurance solution? The basis of these solutions is always trip cancellation insurance, which can then be extended with all different kinds of insurance combinations. Travelers can try a wide range of different options: A particularly long journey? A higher age? Or a canceled group trip? Insurance for individuals, couples or families? With or without joint residence? The list of results usually changes with every new entry since every insurer has very specific conditions. At the end of the process, users can clearly see whether it is better to cover only the individual trip or get all-year cover.

Professional product rating included
Since DR-WALTER wanted to live up to its reputation as a pioneer for travel insurance comparison, their standards for the new tool were quite high. They aimed to create a digital reflection of their entire insurance expertise. But how is it possible to display the quality of travel insurance solutions in a transparent and credible manner? DR-WALTER ran product tests for every single insurance rate. And these tests form part of a detailed rating system: In the "DR-WALTER Product Rating 2018", users can see how many stars were awarded to each category in a one- to five-star rating system. This way, travelers can understand the ratings for each single criterion and then decide which one is important for them. Maybe it is enough to get the lower-rated but cheaper rate for a short trip? Or a user wants to get comprehensive cover for a long-planned journey and therefore selects the more expensive but higher-rated offer.

Save or forward search results
To keep their results available, users receive a consulting number for every search. This means that they can send their search results to their fellow travelers for the purpose of better coordinating the insurance offer.
Last but not least: All users who still haven’t found their tailored insurance solution online can, of course, always contact the customer service of DR-WALTER.
Thanks to the mentioned consulting number, our staff can quickly identify any potential flaws in the request. "We firmly believe that if our customer service cannot find reasonable cover for the journey, nobody will", said Reinhard Bellinghausen. He is proud of his team of experts who provide counseling to approx. 100,000 travelers per year.

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