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Protection for globetrotters in times of Corona

Protection for globetrotters in times of Corona


International Travel and Health Insurance PROTRIP-WORLD

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Although the travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic have not yet been lifted, most globetrotters are eager to travel again. In the last few months, many people have really become aware of the importance of high-quality international health insurance. DR-WALTER has developed a new and exciting product for the restart after the worldwide travel shutdown.

The optimized PROTRIP WORLD tariff can be individually tailored to your travel destination, security requirements and budget. Regardless of whether young people are planning an educational stay or a tourist trip; regardless of whether they prefer regular international health insurance or full assistance coverage; and - very important - whether they take out insurance before or after their departure: (almost) everything is possible with PROTRIP WORLD.

Covered in case of a COVID-19 infection
Even though it looks as if travel will soon be possible again, the dangers of the coronavirus remain an unavoidable companion for the time being. Should travelers fall ill with COVID-19 while traveling, PROTRIP-WORLD has them covered: the policy covers the medical treatment as a result of a coronavirus infection. In addition, the international health insurance policy includes unlimited extension of insurance coverage for treatment costs if the journey home is delayed due to the infection.

Free cancellation
DR-WALTER has always stood for fair settlement of claims when it comes to re-booking and cancellation options. This is especially valuable right now when travelers have their holiday plans thwarted by travel warnings or restrictions. Or when they suddenly feel insecure and do not dare to venture into the wide world again. So it is good to know that PROTRIP WORLD can be canceled free of charge before the start of insurance. If you want to return home earlier, you can cancel the policy (insurance periods calculated to the day) and will simply be reimbursed for any overpayment.

Insurance for longer stays abroad
There are many reasons for a longer stay abroad. As an au pair in a host family you can experience a foreign culture up close, get involved internationally as a volunteer, continue your studies abroad, get to know foreign working structures as an intern or simply discover other countries for a while as a “normal” tourist. No matter what drives you to travel, with PROTRIP WORLD you will find a tailor-made tariff. For educational travelers, it is particularly affordable since they can get coverage starting from 24.90 euros per month.

Also bookable during the trip
Some travelers stranded by the worldwide shutdown are currently facing the problem that their insurance has expired and they cannot get a new policy. This is due to the fact that most travel insurance policies can only be taken out before departure. Another frequent example: You initially planned a 6-month work-and-travel stay and then want to travel further around the globe - just like that and without any specific plans. PROTRIP WORLD also provides coverage to those who are already en route and make a change to their trip. Although it is better to take out insurance before the start of the journey in order to be protected right from the start, traveling without any coverage is almost negligent nowadays.

Comprehensive protection is also reassuring for worried parents
If you need health insurance, you can choose between policies with or without deductible. In addition, regular international health insurance can be supplemented at a reasonable price with a comfort package consisting of accident, liability, baggage and assistance insurance. Also highly recommended for a tight budget, as the monthly fee for this is only 6.60 euros. Then you are also covered if, for example, your laptop is stolen from your hotel room, if you scratch a parked car during a bicycle tour or even if you travel home for the funeral of your suddenly deceased grandmother. Should that be the case, the insurance policy will reimburse you for the additional travel costs. And, last but not least, our comprehensive assistance services are reassuring for the parents of young travelers: our emergency hotline is available 24/7 and organizing possible hospital stays and return transports is part of the service.

The right product at the right time
Claudia Reichstein, Head of International Programs at DR-WALTER, is happy that our popular PROTRIP WORLD policy has been optimized once again: “We have been frequently asked by our customers to provide them with a tariff that is valid no matter why they have to start or cancel their trip and which even latecomers from abroad can take out. There is already great uncertainty because of the coronavirus, so it’s nice to open up the world again through more security when traveling.”

Please have a look at our infographic.

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