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Trip cancellation insurance with exact premium calculation

DR-WALTER GmbH and Europ Assistance SA have developed a trip cancellation insurance together that can be purchased either as an individual or as an annual policy.

Special feature: DEUTSCHE REISEVERSICHERUNG (DRV24) provides an insurance rate for individual trips that covers both trip cancellation and curtailment of travel. This way, the policy covers the exact price of the trip.This is a genuine advantage compared to regular trip cancellation insurance policies that are calculated according to preset price levels. Since this model is not based on the exact price of the trip, customers usually have to pay the premium for the next higher price level instead of only paying their actual expenses for the trip. DEUTSCHE REISEVERSICHERUNG, however, has a different approach: they offer a precisely calculated trip cancellation insurance that offers an individual premium for each trip price between € 100 and € 10,000.

Your advantages with DRV24

•    Combination of trip cancellation and curtailment cover
•    Premium calculated precisely according to actual trip price
•    Available as single or annual policy
•    No deductible

Purchase online in only 5 minutes

You can purchase the trip cancellation insurance policy quickly and easily online. You will immediately receive your insurance certificate.

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