This au pair insurance policy is offered exclusively by selected au pair agencies.

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AU-PAIR-PLUS is a combination of health, liability, accident and deportation costs insurance with a particularly high level of protection and safety. It covers the main risks and comes at an affordable price.

All foreign guests under the age of 29 can purchase AU-PAIR-PLUS insurance if they come to Germany through one of these agencies or enter the policy’s area of application.

This policy provides the au pair with liability insurance as a private person and within his/her specific au pair activities. Even the sometimes lengthy bus trips for outward and return journey are covered for the direct route through different countries up to a maximum of 2 days.

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Your advantages with AU-PAIR-PLUS

Easy application through your au pair agency

Automatic cover from the moment of entering the host country

Easy cancellation in case of early return

Fee paid only after and when entering the host country

Outward and return journey included in the policy

How much do I have to pay for the policy?

The monthly fee for this policy is:


The monthly fee consists of € 35 for health insurance and € 3 for accident and liability insurance (including insurance tax).

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AU-PAIR-PLUS is offered by selected au pair agencies only and can be applied for and purchased online or with the respective agency.

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