Insurance solution for schools, universities and providers of youth and educational trips (up to 2 years) for travelling in Europe and around the world. From anywhere to anywhere.

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PROTRIP-WORLD-GRUPPE is a group contract for international students, language and exchange students, doctoral candidates, high school students, au pairs, Work and Travel participants and volunteers, who want to stay abroad for one to two years.

The product PROTRIP-WORLD-GRUPPE is exclusively offered and managed by DR-WALTER or its distribution partners.

Your advantages with PROTRIP-WORLD-GRUPPE

International health insurance

Liability insurance

Accident insurance

Assistance insurance

Baggage insurance

Purchase insurance

The policy can only be purchased through selected partner organizations. Policy conditions will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the customers.

PROTRIP-WORLD-GRUPPE is a group contract that can be purchased on short notice.
Call us and together we will find a tailored insurance solution for your participants.