Sustainability and Engage­ment

Sustainability as a philosophy

As a family business, we accept our responsibility and want to set an example. For us, sustainability implies forward-thinking in our daily decision-making and behaviours. We strive to conduct business effectively while cherishing and supporting our surroundings and our fellow beings.

The Sustainability Team was established in 2022, and we constantly develop sustainability endeavors at DR-WALTER.

Our economic resonance thrives on long-term business success and reliable insurance products.

When it comes to social sustainability, we prioritize the well-being and safeguarding of our workforce. DR-WALTER is socially responsible and extends support to charitable organizations.

For aid organizations involved in sending and supporting volunteers, experts, development workers and missionaries to disaster, war and crisis areas, we have been holding a Security Forum every two years since 2011.

For us, ecological sustainability includes the use of green electricity and recycled materials, waste avoidance, a long-term reduction of the CO2 footprint and climate neutrality.

We welcome contributions of ideas and suggestions from our clients, associates, and team members at:

To achieve climate neutrality, the first step is to determine our CO2 emissions.

With guidance from First Climate, we compile an annual emissions report. In 2022, our CO2 emissions amounted to 286,000 kg.Primary factors are heating and indoor climate, as well as fuel consumption for employee commuting. Due to the rural location of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, public transport is not very promising. In order to reduce the number of car journeys, incentives should be provided for the use of alternatives such as working from home, cycling to work and car sharing.

Our carbon emissions are offset through the purchase of climate protection certificates (CO2 certificates). These certificates support offset projects that contribute to climate protection and demonstrate our commitment to decarbonisation, which is crucial in achieving the Paris climate targets.