International private medical insurance for employees of the Goethe-Institut and German schools abroad

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Together with Generali Deutschland Krankenversicherung, DR-WALTER has designed the tariffs GOETHE-PLUS and GOETHE-PLUS-RK.

GOETHE-PLUS is a private health insurance including long-term care insurance for locally employed staff of a Goethe-Institut institution or a German school abroad. If the stay abroad is interrupted, GOETHE-PLUS insurance coverage is also provided in Germany for a period of up to four months.

GOETHE-PLUS-RK relates to the classic posting, i.e. applies to employees who continue to be insured in a German statutory health insurance. GOETHE-PLUS-RK is a residual cost insurance as a supplement to the statutory health insurance.

Your advantages with GOETHE-PLUS

Protection in crisis areas

Organization and coverage of medical return transport to Germany

Family can be insured as well

Unlimited insurance period

Medical advice from our specialist staff and communication with local doctors

How much do I have to pay for the policy?

The policy premium depends on selected tariff and age.


Person up to 66 years 8,00 € per person per day
Person from 67 years 16,00 € per person per day


Person up to 66 years 2,50 € per person per day
Person from 67 years 5,00 € per person per day

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Complete the application for the selected tariff and answer the health questions. You can also submit a doctor's certificate.

After processing, you will receive all the necessary documents, including the insurance cards.

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