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Many companies do not pay enough attention to covering their employees abroad. As an employer, you have a comprehensive duty of care towards your employees abroad. You need to ensure, for example, that employees and accompanying relatives have sufficient health insurance cover during their stay abroad. A return transport in case of illness must also be guaranteed.

MIA-EASY is an affordable and easy solution for companies whose employees spend up to 100 days abroad per trip.

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Your advantages with MIA-EASY

Combine health insurance with liability, accident and baggage insurance.

Reduce your administrative costs by reporting only the total number of travel days. Reporting individual trips is not necessary.

Fulfill all statutory due diligence and duty of care requirements towards your employees during their business travels.

All trips up to 100 days per single trip are automatically covered.

Same insurance cover for your employees in branches abroad and for foreign visitors.

How much do I have to pay for the policy?

MIA-EASY will be available starting at just 25 cent per day!

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MIA-EASY Product information (German)
MIA-EASY Consumer information (German)

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