Worldwide liability insurance for educational programs

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PROTRIP-WORLD-H was specially developed for stays abroad as:

  • student or doctoral student
  • participant of an Erasmus Plus program
  • trainee
  • language and exchange student
  • au-pair

PROTRIP-WORLD-H offers you appropriate insurance protection if you:

  • study abroad but your international insurance does not include a liability insurance
  • study in Germany or in another member state of the European Union but do not have a liability insurance
  • require a liability insurance for your Erasmus Plus program
  • need to prove your registration with a professional liability insurance for trainees
  • are looking for a comprehensive professional liability insurance for au pairs

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Your advantages from PROTRIP-WORLD-H

Worldwide coverage

High insurance sums

Comprehensive cover

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Monthly premium 5.00 €

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