The insurance policy for groups of foreign visitors in Germany and Europe as well as for Germans abroad

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Provisit-Gruppe is a travel insurance policy for visitor groups’ private and business travel abroad. DR-WALTER developed this tariff together with Würzburger Versicherung AG for travel groups of at least 10 persons and for visitor groups and individuals sent by a company and organization.

The maximum term of the insurance is 365 days for Provisit-Gruppe.

Your advantages with Provisit-Gruppe

The policy can be purchased with different tariff components such as:

Travel health insurance

Travel accident insurance

Travel liability insurance

Purchase insurance

The policy can only be purchased by travel groups of at least 10 persons with a joint booking, date and destination, or through selected companies and organizations. Policy conditions will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the customers.

Provisit-Gruppe is a group contract that can be purchased on short notice.

Call us and together we will find a tailored insurance solution for your group.