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Private health insurance for foreign students in Germany

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Provisit Student is the right insurance if you are coming from abroad and want to enroll in a state-run or officially recognized university in Gemany.

Accompanying spouses and children can also be insured, but if it is already certain before the studies that your spouse or child will be traveling with you, it may make more sense to obtain compulsory health insurance.

Provisit Student is a substitutive private health insurance for foreign students in Germany (section 146 Insurance Supervision Act (VAG), section 195 par. 3 German Insurance Contract Act (VVG)). Its scope corresponds to the protection of compulsory health insurance and also includes long-term care insurance.provisit student is the right insurance solution for students, exchange students and graduate students in Germany.

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Your advantages with Provisit Student

Affordable alternative to compulsory health insurance

More benefits than compulsory health insurance

Can be applied for from abroad

Meets all regulatory requirements

How much do I have to pay for the policy?

Provisit Student will be available starting at just 79 € per month.
You can pay comfortable by monthly direct debit.

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You can purchase Provisit Student quickly and easily online.
You will receive proof of insurance immediately after submitting the online application.

The insurance solution is accepted at all consulates, embassies and immigration authorities.

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