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New safety app by Dr. Walter: MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT

New safety app by Dr. Walter: MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT


Smartphone with screenshot from MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT

Your travel companion for more safety abroad: MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT.

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT provides relevant information in real time such as travel safety warnings, country information and news concerning the traveler’s current whereabouts.

Every year, Dr. Walter covers thousands of customers during their time abroad: expatriates and business travelers as well as volunteers, students and holiday travelers. The last years have seen increased health and safety risks during stays abroad. At the same time, it has become ever more difficult to assess these risks. Dr. Walter now provides all travelers with a helpful companion – its new safety app MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT.

"When dealing with dangerous situations abroad, it is vital to have both the right information and adequate insurance cover. That’s why we developed MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT to equip travelers with any relevant risk information", said Reinhard Bellinghausen, Managing Director of Dr. Walter.

Real-time safety warnings

The app provides users with relevant safety information in real time such as information and news concerning more than 200 countries worldwide. Users are informed, for example, about strikes, environmental disasters, riots and civil unrest, epidemics and terrorist attacks. News about unusual occurrences will also be sent as push notifications. MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT has three warning levels: green, yellow and red. Special alerts about imminent risks are also sent via SMS to make sure that users receive such messages even if they haven’t activated data roaming. All notifications are sent in English with translation into more than 90 languages.

Safety in high-risk regions
The app includes an emergency button to enable direct dialing of emergency numbers (local police, ambulance and fire brigade). Friends, family or colleagues of users can also be allowed to track their current position, thereby providing additional protection to users travelling alone in unknown or high-risk locations.

How the app works

Emergency: Direct dial of local SOS emergency numbers (police, ambulance and fire brigade, etc).

Position: Display of your current GPS-coordinates. Track your position with “Track me now” and share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Incients: Get push notifications in real-time (internet connection needed) for security information of your location (environmental disasters, political unrest, epidemics, terrorist attacks, etc.). For particularly urgent information obtain additional SMS. Warnings are categorized in 3 grades: green, yellow and red.

Region: Important data, risk factors and information about your region. Available for more than 200 countries

Local news: Local news of your current region.

Dr. Walter customers get an activation code which allows them to use the app for one year free of charge. For the code and for more information, go to

The App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store:



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