The management of DR-WALTER GmbH

Dipl.-Kfm. Reinhard Bellinghausen

Reinhard Bellinghausen was born in Düsseldorf in 1966.

Alongside his business studies with focus on product marketing and insurance he has worked for DR-WALTER since 1990.

After graduating in 1994, he became management assistant and since 1996 is a managing director of DR-WALTER GmbH.

Through developing modern distribution channels and ensuring a sustainable growth, he has paved the way for DR-WALTER GmbH to become Germany’s leading expert in travel insurance.

Timo Dreger

Born in 1984 in Berlin, Timo Dreger completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics and Management with a focus on Innovation and Family Businesses at Zeppelin University. There, he laid the foundation for his passion in the field of Digital Business and Business Processes.

With an impressive career trajectory in the international insurance industry, Timo Dreger boasts renowned stops including JDC Group AG, Helvetia Insurance, assona GmbH (a subsidiary of the wefox Group), and most recently Qatar Insurance Group.

Since July 15, 2023, Timo Dreger has served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at DR-WALTER, where he is responsible for the Contract and Performance departments. In this role, he strives to develop innovative solutions and drive efficient business processes.

An expert with a clear goal: Excellence in all areas he touches.

Dr. Siegfried Walter

Dr. Siegfried Walter, 1922 - 2009. In 1959, he founded the company known today as DR-WALTER GmbH. See History for details on Mr. Walter.