Carefree travel thanks to DR-WALTER and Air Doctor

Carefree travel thanks to DR-WALTER and Air Doctor


From now on, insured persons can find doctors worldwide via app in case of illness, make appointments and no longer need to worry about the financial settlement.

Injured or fallen ill while traveling? No problem! From now on, find the right doctor directly with the Air Doctor app, make an appointment online – in the office, at the hotel or via video chat – and do not worry about payment anymore! Air Doctor settles directly with the treating physician so that the insured person no longer needs to pay in advance. Following in the footsteps of ERGO Reiseversicherung and Allianz Partners, DR-WALTER is now introducing the app-based service in all PROTRIP insurance policies for long-term travelers.

How Air Doctor helps
Getting sick in a foreign country can be a major problem: you do not know any doctors, you have no network, and you may not even speak the local language. The new digital service from the start-up Air Doctor is therefore a huge relief for all travelers: it has never been easier to get an appointment for treatment or a telemedicine consultation. Travelers simply enter their location and the specialty they need into the app, select their preferred language, and then receive a list of nearby doctors. The app, which is extremely intuitive to use, also shows details about the doctors’ careers and their offices as well as ratings. When you made your choice, just submit an online appointment request and immediately receive an appointment confirmation from the doctor’s office.

Easy treatment and payment process
Searching the global Air Doctor network of approx. 25,000 screened and verified doctors in 75 countries makes seeing a doctor abroad much easier. With the app, travelers get the perfect assistant for their outpatient treatment and no longer need to worry about payment. Air Doctor handles billing directly with the physicians. For a video consultation in English, the ‘Air Docs’ are even available 24/7. The app is an additional service for the clients of DR-WALTER. In case of emergencies and inpatient treatment, our assistance emergency number is still available to them.

Relaxed parents and well-protected travelers
As a first step, DR-WALTER is rolling out the innovative app to its PROTRIP and PROTRIP-WORLD policyholders. “Air Doctor fits perfectly with our philosophy of making the lives of travelers abroad more carefree,” said a delighted Reinhard Bellinghausen, Managing Director of DR-WALTER. “We see ourselves as a travel companion for safety and health and offer the Air Doctor app as an additional service to our customers. The fact that visits to the doctor are now always paid for without cash is likely to be met with great approval.”
And Air Doctor added: “We are thrilled about teaming up with DR-WALTER. Now that their customers can access Air Doctor, it means there are fewer travelers who will feel stranded if they fall ill abroad, and now they can access quality medical care from anywhere. While we’re already operating in 75 countries, we’re continuously working on expanding our network, and it’s incredible to know that DR-WALTER and their customers will get value from our platform.”

About Air Doctor
Launched in Israel in 2018, Air Doctor is a startup that connects travelers seeking medical attention with local doctors whilst abroad through their intuitive mobile and desktop app.  With a global network of over 25,000 medical professionals across 2,000 cities in 75 countries, Air Doctor provides travelers with peace of mind and aims to make healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere.