More projects and initiatives

There are numerous strategies and proposals that we aim to execute. An exchange platform is currently held on a regular basis and has gained significant popularity.

For us, sustainability means respecting nature. At DR-WALTER, we want to protect the environment and the climate while minimising our ecological footprint. That is why we use green electricity for computers, printers, lighting and the coffee machine. IMoreover, we utilise recycled paper with labels such as "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)," "The Green Range," and "EU Ecolabel." Our long-term goal is to adopt the low-paper office concept.  We print our product brochures and insurance documents in a manner that is climate-neutral

In cooperation with ReviewForest, we plant a tree in Central America for every review on Google to restore the semi-evergreen tropical forest. Plant-for-the-Planet will look after the young trees for up to three years post-plantation. By planting more and more trees, we are creating fair-paying, long-term job opportunities in the vicinity. ReviewForest is supporting and investing in a range of projects that adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are making a positive impact on the environment and on the lives of the local people.

As specialists in travel insurance and international health insurance, our employees and customers travel globally - whether by car, train or aeroplane. Consequently, we make charitable climate protection contributions to Atmosfair, thus offsetting the greenhouse gases unavoidably produced and supporting climate protection initiatives financially.

DR-WALTER understands that this is only a beginning. We strive to maintain a sustainable approach to our solutions by balancing economic, environmental, and social concerns daily. To ensure the longevity of our solutions, we strive daily to maintain equilibrium between the economy, ecology, and social concerns.