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As a leading provider of travel and international insurance solutions, we provide tailor-made cooperation opportunities for companies that want to offer their customers high-quality insurance products under their own label. Through our years of expertise and industry knowledge, we enable our partners to focus on their core business while ensuring seamless integration and outstanding insurance coverage. Discover the benefits of partnering with DR-WALTER and let us work together to meet your individual requirements.

DIA - Deutsche im Ausland e.V. - Comprehensive information platform for emigrants and digital nomads

In our day-to-day business at DR-WALTER, we are often confronted with complex issues relating to living abroad that go far beyond the insurance sector. Although there are numerous sources of information on the Internet, these usually only deal with individual problems, countries or regions. This is why the DIA Association was founded back in 2003 on the initiative of Dr. Siegfried Walter and Reinhard Bellinghausen.

It is specifically focused on the concerns and challenges of Germans abroad. The aim is to create a central Internet platform on which information is clearly sorted by topic and country to make it easily and simply accessible. DR-WALTER cooperates with the association in the field of international insurance and advises on questions regarding insurance abroad.

An overview of the insurance policies on offer can be found at deutsche-im-ausland.org.

Expatrio - the experts for digital relocation

DR-WALTER works closely with Expatrio to help international students have a hassle-free stay in Germany. Expatrio offers a comprehensive relocation service for people from all over the world, especially those from countries outside Europe, to help them with the bureaucratic challenges associated with studying or working in Germany.

Expatrio's team consists of professionals with many years of experience in digital technology and the topic of living and working abroad. This expertise makes Expatrio the perfect partner for DR-WALTER, as both companies aim to support students and other foreign visitors by providing high-quality products and services.

You can find more information about our partner Expatrio at expatrio.de.

Genki - our partner for worldwide cover for digital nomads and long-term travelers

Genki works with us in the field of international insurance. Genki's mission is to help digital nomads and long-term travelers from all over the world to provide good health protection, regardless of their location and travel plans. Genki offers both travel health insurance and international health insurance. The vision of traveling, living and working anywhere in the world is one of Genki's motivating principles. The team works every day to make healthcare easier and more accessible for digital nomads, expats and globetrotters.

DR-WALTER takes on the role of insurance partner. Genki itself is not a traditional insurance company, but rather sees itself as a "health partner" that offers travelers unique insurance products and supports them in traveling the world worry-free.
Here we have compiled the most important information on insurance cover for insured persons.

Genki Explorer product information
Genki Explorer consumer information
Genki Resident product information
Genki Resident consumer information

Further information about our partner Genki can be found at genki.world

NOMADS.insure - Tailor-made insurance plans for digital nomads, e-Residents and remote workers

NOMADS.insure is the brand of Herrmann, Huebner & Partner, a specialized insurance broker for digital nomads. It was founded by e-residents Christoph Hübner and Markus Herrmann in Estonia. The two combine more than 40 years of experience in health insurance brokerage.

We handle contract management, payment and claims processing for the COVRD.EE product from NOMADS.insure.

You can find more information about our partner at nomads.insure

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We are always open to companies, websites and organizations that have access to people who travel, live and work worldwide. If you reach a wide audience in these niches, you are the partner we are looking for!

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