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The basic principle is: the sooner you report any damage the better.

What to do in case of illness

Please stick to these three rules in case of illness:
1. If possible, please see a general practitioner first before you see a specialist.

2. Hand your insurance confirmation or medical info card to the doctor in charge prior to any treatment. These documents contain vital information concerning your insurance cover.

3. In case of extensive treatment, you should get a medical costs projection.

Please use our Emergency Service for further information about emergencies.

What to do in case of accidental damage, liability loss, contents damage and damage to baggage

Don’t forget to report the damage to the police. You should also inform the tour operator about the problem since damages are sometimes also insured through them. You also need a written confirmation from the hotel, railway company or airline about the damages incurred. Please hand in a detailed report on the circumstances of the loss as well as the original invoice documents for all costs incurred.

You will find information on where to send your invoices in your insurance documents under ‘What to do in case of damage’.

Our claims department will be happy to answer your questions.

Ms. Katja Keuneke
Head of Claims Department

Phone: +49 2247 9194-31
Fax: +49 2247 9194-20



Claudia W.: "I would like to thank Dr. Walter GmbH very much for their generous support and excellent claims settlement..." more

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