Security for companies and entrepreneurs

Board members, CEOs and executives who work abroad are being targeted by criminals more than ever before. Kidnapping for ransom as well as blackmail are a real and growing threat in many parts of the world. The reasons often lie in poverty, anarchy and political unrest. In some parts of the world, kidnapping has almost become something like a new business model for criminals. Even aid workers aren’t safe anymore.

We offer ransom insurance for your employees’ foreign assignments. In the event of an abduction, the insured person is given access to a crisis counselor who will take all necessary steps. This includes a thorough analysis of the situation, counseling on site, developing strategic options and establishing the necessary communication channels.

Your advantages with Kidnap & Ransom:

  • Access to professional crisis consulting
  • Unlimited cost coverage for crisis consultants
  • Support in the cooperation with local authorities and media
  • Help in taking care of the family during the crisis situation and during the victim’s rehabilitation
  • Cover of ransom demands
  • Special rates for NGOs

We provide executives of associations, federations, corporations and foundations from the area of development aid with innovative and tailored insurance solutions.

We care for the worldwide social protection of your employees. Our team will be glad to provide you with a personal offer.

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Christian Metz

Christian Metz

Senior Consultant