Security Forum 2026

THE expert conference for insurers and organizations.

Our Mission

Safety when travelling and working abroad

Since 2011, we have been bringing together experts from the insurance industry with development organisations and companies that send their employees to areas of high risk. Information is provided on the latest trends in health care, crisis prevention, early warning and information systems, risk management and insurance coverage.

Health and Safety 2.0

We mastered COVID together, and looking back, it seems almost surreal.

Digital technologies have helped in almost every aspect of life during the pandemic, and digital transformation has received a huge boost. This is just the beginning on the road to more artificial intelligence.

What does this mean for your organisation and your work in terms of the safety of your expatriates? Health and Safety 2.0 is the topic we would like to discuss with you at our 6th Safety Forum. We look forward to a day of interesting presentations, discussions and networking.

What to expect

Technical presentations

Our technical presentations from leading industry experts provide a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments and innovative solutions.


The exhibition will feature a wide range of experts presenting the latest developments in security for diplomatic missions.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to exchange ideas with more than 100 participants. Intensive discussions and lively debates create new perspectives.

The detailed programme and information on participating speakers and exhibitors will be available here shortly.


The range of topics covered by the previous security forums included liability risks in the event of wrong decisions, resolving kidnapping situations, evacuation in the event of disasters, security management of development services and the small print of insurance policies for disaster, war and crisis zones.

  • Fifth DR-WALTER Security Forum on 29 March 2019

    • Eugene R. Nealon & Anders Blak, Global Benefits Group Ltd: Innovation in NGO & Micro Insurance - 21ST Century Trends in Digital and Cyber Marketing
    • Claudia Reichstein, DR-WALTER GmbH: Properly positioned for the future with our AIDWORKER insurance policies
    • Anette Schwitzke, Qualitätsverbund weltwärts-ventao e. V. and independent trainer: The digital generation between security and freedom - opportunities and risks for sending organisations
    • Karl-Heinz Land, visionary and author, neuland.digital GmbH: Earth 5.0 - provoking the future
  • Fourth DR-WALTER Security Forum on 23 March 2017

    • Angelika V. Kolmer, Tina Hauptmann, Marita Walter, DR-WALTER: 4 not quite everyday cases from the benefits department
    • Tom van Herwijnen, CBM International: Disability Inclusive Safety and Security - A Critical Part of Duty of Care
    • Esther Finis, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V.: How much social media do sending organisations need? A guide through the online jungle
    • Panel discussion on the topic of "Prevention - a proactive approach to quality assurance for assignments abroad"



    • Dr. Gisela Kurth, Volunteer Services Working Group "Learning and Helping Overseas" e.V.
    • Rainer Elsmann, DR-WALTER
    • Dr. med. K. Peter Schmitz, physician, GeoHealth Centre University of Bonn
    • Tom van Herwijnen, CBM International, winner of the Duty of Care Award 2016 in the "Innovation" category
    • Stephan Potting, psychotherapist with his own practice in Cologne
    • Moderation: Conny Czymoch
  • Third DR-WALTER Security Forum on 10 March 2015

    • Dr Matthias Günther: Travel medicine - recognising risks in good time and reacting correctly
    • René Gillet: What the tropical and infection clauses of AIDWORKER accident insurance cover
    • Reinhard Bellinghausen: Insurance cover for disaster, war or crisis zones - it's the small print that counts
    • Robert Kulesa: Travel risk management for sending organisations - tools for holistic protection and security concepts
    • Claudia Reichstein: Which travel risk management solution is right for you?
    • Sebastian Schreiber: Live Hacking Event - How do you protect your sensitive data when travelling?
  • Second DR-WALTER Security Forum on 5 March 2013

    • Hermann-Josef Platzbecker: Crisis management in the field of international voluntary services - quality requirements from the perspective of an accompanying organisation
    • Martin Vehrenberg: Security management of a development service using the example of AGEH
    • Hans Jürgen Stephan, Maximilian Heidbrink: Kidnap & Ransom - situation overview and tips on kidnap management
    • Jörg Adomeit: International disaster management of the GdV and crisis management of the DRV
    • Christof Fischoeder: Surviving crises - the importance of strategic communication for NGOs
  • First DR-WALTER Security Forum on 29 November 2011

    • Claudia Reichstein, Rainer Elsmann: Security and prevention in global operations
    • Heiner Eickhoff, Nicole Klevenhaus: Board members, managing directors, executives - personal liability risks in the event of wrong decisions
    • Thomas Mock: Criminal prosecution of decision-makers
    • Hans Jürgen Stephan: Security of companies and business trips worldwide
    • Dr. Michael Weinlich: Looking to the future - what we have learned from previous disasters