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MIA-CHECK - the analysis tool for business travel insurance


According to the VDR Business Travel Analysis 2011, German companies spent over 43 billion Euros for business travel in 2011. But they often forget to insure their employees for medical emergencies and to provide them with the necessary information about such situations. What is alarming is that most of the companies executives have only insufficient or no knowledge about their responsibility to insure their employees during their travels abroad and if potential risks for their staff are adequately covered.
Against this backdrop, Dr. Walter GmbH has developed MIA-CHECK, an online analysis tool for companies to check if they can provide their travelling employees with a sufficient security concept.

It frequently happens that companies do not inform their employees prior to travelling abroad about their insurance cover and contact partners in case of an accident or illness. This failure to inform them can have serious consequences, particularly in countries such as the United States where patients are only treated in hospitals if they can provide a cost acceptance statement. If necessary treatment is denied due to this and if the employee’s human resources department at home cannot be reached because of the time difference, a medical emergency can quickly turn into a serious problem.

"With MIA-CHECK, we wanted to provide companies with a tool that can quickly and easily show potential gaps in coverage. The tool considers different companies’ requirements", said Rainer Elsmann, an expert for insuring international companies at Dr. Walter GmbH.

The comprehensive analysis is based on a comparison tool developed by travel insurance expert Dr. Walter that compares all current insurance solutions in Germany. The analysis includes
- detailed comments for every single answer
- an explanation of the existing coverage’s strengths and weaknesses
- a simple visualization of results in the form of traffic light labeling
- a comparison of the given answers with the results of other insurance providers
- a summary with specific recommendations for action.

For more information, please go to www.mia-check.de