New portal on "Working abroad"


Dr. Walter presents a new information and services portal on relocating employees abroad. On the website - "Mitarbeiter im Ausland Professional Partners" - (eng. 'Employees Abroad – Professional Partners'), interested parties will find an expert network providing comprehensive information on the topic of employee relocation.

Any company that sends employees abroad has a legal duty of care for their staff. In the employees’ interest, a number of vital issues needs to be clarified prior to the deployment of employees: What happens to their health, pension and unemployment insurance? Is there a double tax liability? How do they keep their right to benefits under German social security? What will change in their contract of employment? What about the medical infrastructure in their new host country? What kind of immigration formalities will there be? Will there be any special features concerning the claims settlement for automobile liability insurance? What can be done to reduce security risks for international business activities? How do they find a place to live and a school for their children abroad?

"Such an information and services portal will prove useful in particular to human resources departments of small and medium sized enterprises when providing professional support to their employees. Not least because they don’t have the resources and capacities to deal with such complicated matters themselves", stated Rainer Elsmann. He is the initiator of MIA PP and one of the experts for insurance cover abroad at Dr. Walter GmbH. Elsmann knows that the necessary knowledge concerning a stay abroad, e.g. facts about preparation, moving in, the life abroad, the return home, etc. – has so far not been available in concentrated form. "A platform containing
all the information on employee relocation has long been overdue."

The "Professional Partners" of MIA PP are: consulting agency ASI for reliable security concepts, tax consultants Bongartz & Partner for cross-border tax issues, insurance brokers Dr. Walter GmbH providing insurance cover for business trips and relocations, Crown Relocations for international moving, storage and relocation services, the association ‘DIA - Deutsche im Ausland e. V.’ for social security issues and information on foreign countries, lawyers Goebel & Hirsch for labor law issues, InterEurope AG European Law Service for international law and the med con team GmbH with their global network of doctors and paramedics.

These "Professional Partners" offer their specific information and help at The website is based on an idea and concept of Dr. Walter GmbH.