PROTRIP-WORLD now also available for people up to 69 years


Recently, PROTRIP-WORLD is no longer reserved for young people. All globetrotters up to 69 years of age can extend their trip spontaneously without any problems, because the international health insurance can also be taken out while they are abroad.

Many premiums, depending on age and travel region
Because older travelers are more and more interested in PROTRIP-WORLD, DR-WALTER has worked with the insurer Allianz Partners to extend the age limit: Since August 2023, not only people up to 49 years of age can be protected. The international travel insurance is open to all who have not yet celebrated their 70th birthday. And it doesn't matter what nationality you have or where travelers live.

The premium structure has otherwise remained the same. For example, the monthly premium for PROTRIP-WORLD is based not only on the age of the person insured, but also, as before, on the region of origin and destination: from Europe to Europe, worldwide travel excluding the USA and Canada, and, as a third option, the USA and Canada as a destination.   

Big benefit: Can be taken out from abroad
PROTRIP-WORLD has a big advantage compared to other international travel insurances: The insurance can be taken out even if the trip has already begun. It happens again and again that a stay abroad lasts longer: Because the weather is so sunny, the environment so attractive, the mood so good. Or because a project at home is cancelled and the daily routine still allows a delay... In these cases, the problem usually arises that the previous travel insurance expires and no new one can be found. Most of the tariffs cannot be taken out after departure. With PROTRIP-WORLD this is possible. So no one has to bury the changed travel plans or even continue the route without protection.  

Educational travelers up to 29 years with very attractive conditions
The very attractive premiums for young educational travelers who have booked PROTRIP-WORLD before departure also remain unchanged: Au-pairs, volunteers, high school participants, interns, language and exchange students, undergraduates and postgraduates as well as work-and-travel participants up to the age of 29 pay only 24.90 euros per month for the strong benefits of the international travel insurance within Europe with the option with deductible.  

Other advantages

  • Children can also insure themselves with PROTRIP-WORLD. If they are over 6 years old, even without the parents having to be co-insured.
  • Cancellation free of charge,
  • Accident, liability, luggage and assistance insurance in an additional package,
  • Air Doctor app as a convenient travel companion,
  • No maximum coverage amounts for outpatient and inpatient medical treatments,

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