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Getting support through our insurance comparison service

We carry out comprehensive comparative analyses of approx. 120 insurance companies as part of our daily business. For this purpose, we use complex comparison tools such as the ones provided by ‘Morgen und Morgen’ and ‘Pecumaxx’.

At our info portal you will find the comparison tool, tests and tables that you can use to compare policies yourself. The tool compares the products of all large travel insurers in Germany. This makes it easy for you to find the exact rate that fits your journey.

The rates for trip cancellation insurance are mainly calculated based on the price of a journey. DR-WALTER developed a comparison tool especially for trip cancellation insurance. It provides you with a quick and easy overview of the myriad of rates offered by the most important providers of trip cancellation insurance. It takes the online tool only seconds to list the rates of Germany’s top travel insurers.

The offers are sorted by price, starting with the lowest. This service really pays off: if, for example, a family of four books a journey for 2,000 Euro, the respective rate for trip cancellation insurance can vary between 40 and 92 Euro.

But the price does not necessarily have to be the only criterion for purchasing insurance. The user is also given additional information through detailed descriptions by moving the cursor over the listed rates. Then, details are shown, for example, about deductibles or release periods. Other features also include useful links and explanations of the most important terms.

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